Managing Safety
Yet Not Feeling Safe?

There are new methods that have been proven to be more effective.
Our goal is to embed them into everyday safety engineering practice.
Participate in our journey and enhance your control of safety.

Our background:
10+ research projects in aviation safety and knowledge management
25+ STAMP and STPA-based case studies, 50+ research papers
7 years in STAMP, 15 years in safety management systems

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We cater to innovators and visionaries of safety engineering who are passionate about leveraging STPA services tailored for safety and reliability advancements.

Understanding the complexities of STPA software integration, we provide solutions for forward-thinking enterprises aspiring to adopt STPA without the software hassles.

Our expertise lies in seamlessly blending STPA into the functions of your systems, ensuring no disruption to current processes while enhancing safety protocols.


STPAmaster is AKAENE's innovative solution designed to integrate the STPA methodology into your organization's safety practices, while also accommodating traditional safety analysis methods like FTA and FMEA. The tool aims for a sustainable adoption within your processes, ensuring a smooth blend of advanced and conventional safety approaches.

Enabling Technology

Our Enabling Technology leverages a distinctive combination of system safety engineering and knowledge graphs, crafting a solution that's not only powerful in elucidating safety concepts but also tailored to meet your specific requirements. This approach ensures high reliability and adaptability for daily application in your organization.

Our Workflow

  1. We familiarize with your safety data and documentation.
  2. We apply or import completed STPA analysis.
  3. We transform all that into a knowledge graph to make your safety data explorable.
  4. We construct tools, services and APIs to enhance your experience with STPA.

Our team is composed of renowned academic leaders with extensive expertise in aviation safety and knowledge management. We have tackled some of today's most complex safety engineering challenges, pooling our collective years of experience to bring forth cutting-edge safety solutions.

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